Nike Beautiful Power Lunch

In celebration of the latest Nike Beautiful x Power campaign, Babyface and Nike collaborated on a very special lunchtime event to create buzz around the newest batch of trainers and women running their own worlds. Honouring the Cortez style, and it's new colour way and finish (white and gold in perforated leather), we produced an intimate experience with 15 of London's busiest women.

The 'Power Lunch', held at Mayfair's newest panini bar and hang out spot, Ragazzi, was hosted by precious jeweller Joy BC. The venue, which was not yet open to the pubic, was decorated with fresh wild flowers, candles and Italian delicacies. With fresh produce flown in from Southern Italy that morning, Ragazzi provided a rustic and sumptuous spread; three types of tomato, buffalo mozzarella and mortadella paninis on freshly backed focaccia, watermelon, chicory and walnut salad, mixed bean salad and freshly sliced hams alongside bowls of fresh cherries.

After lunch, Joy gave a speech outlining the carving process that goes into designing a one-off ring from a wax mould. Every girl had her own work desk with copper lamp and tools for carving and a pair Beautiful x Power Cortez shoes on her chair.

Under Joy's close watch everyone had two hours to complete their own personal treasure. Once finished invitees put their wax moulds into an envelope for Joy to take away and plate in 9carat gold before sending each guest their finished bespoke ring.

The afternoon was a moment for young woman to get creative, hang out and enjoy an afternoon of craft, Italian cuisine and conversation.