Babyface Christmas Party 2016

Another year, another Babyface Christmas knees up. This year we hit Kingsland road's favourite dumpling spot Shanghai and along with 40 of our girls took over the "VIP" karaoke room. It was quite possibly the most fun anyone could have had for £25 and we're amazed we ever worried about people being microphone-shy. As ever it was strictly a "your ex will see this photo" dress code, and as ever you all bought your best party game. As did David, the manager's son, who's rendition of Bruno Mars' Because You're Amazing, reduced a few people to tears.

Our festive get-togethers are always a good excuse to let our hair down with the women we love but they're also an opportunity to say thank you to the network that make us who we are. We love you all, very, very much, thank you for believing in us.

Thank you for another amazing year.