Babyface run a monthly conversational hour on NTS radio. We invite members of our community, friends and maybe you, into the studio to chat about being a young woman– now. Anticipate discussions around politics, personal anecdotes, passionate debate, bad jokes and mispronunciations.

Let’s Talk About Loneliness

For this month's episode of the Babyface podcast, we tackled the uncomfortable topic of loneliness. How is it that loneliness manages to creep into the busiest of schedules and what do we mean when we use the word in 2017? A time where being alone is seemingly impossible. From feeling lonely at a party, or in a bustling office environment, to post coital loneliness via the obvious modern framing of loneliness- FOMO- thanks to the iPhone and social media - the modern female experience can lend itself quite easily to feelings of "otherness" or "difference" and 'isolation", politically, emotionally and physically. We were joined by freelance journalist and Mushpit founder Bertie Brandes, freelance journalist and blogger Georgina Lawton, and BBC commissioning editor Lucy Hancock.

In Conversation With: The Laundry Arts Programme

An open discussion with Laundry Service designer Georgina Johnson about her new arts platform for BAME and female creatives : The Laundry. We spoke with Georgina the day after her she'd closed the doors on her first exhibition under The Laundry umbrella, Memories. We were lucky enough to be joined, not only be Georgina but also by actress and writer Kayla Meikle and multi-disciplinary artist Evar Hussayni.

Date Night With Sophie Wilkinson and Unfinished Biz

We sat down with some of our favourite people, NTS regulars and dating specialists Unfinished Biz and Debrief's Editor At Large and all-round fabulous freelance journalist Sophie Wilkinson. From cat-fishing, to ghosting, cushioning and dumping- we've taken the world of modern dating- to task.

I Am A Girl Therefore I Vote

We invited female film collective Sorta Kinda Maybe Yeah, made up of Laura, Charlotte and Aya and The Debrief's Deputy Editor into the NTS studio ahead of the General Election to talk about why women are continually left out of the conversation when it comes to politics. From Theresa May to maternity care via Diane Abbott, this is Babyface's girls-first take on the General Election.

The Contraceptive Pill

A conversation around the ethics of the contraceptive pill. Joined by The Debrief's Deputy Editor Victoria Spratt and freelance journalist Bwalya Newton, we unpick the pill's mental and physical side effects, synthetic hormones, anxiety, depression, libido loss, why so few of us question its proliferation, and why women need more protection from blanket prescriptions.

Hilary Clinton

Three days ahead of the US Election we invited Broadly’s UK editor, Zing Tsjeng and Guardian journalist Tess Reidy to discuss if the vote for Hillary was a vote for a lesser evil or a larger good and what it might mean to have a female president of the USA.

Female Nudity

For this episode we invited Polyester editor, Ione Gamble, photographer Maisie Willoughby and presenter Cora Delaney in to discuss the politics of the young female nude online. From the selfie, to the sponsored post, the Kardashians and Harley Weir we attempted to touch on some of the pros and cons of more female nudity online.


We invited journalist Lucy Hancock and photographer Shanei Brown into the NTS studio to discuss stalking. We touched on Lily Allen’s experiences with a stalker the police refused to take seriously whilst discussing our own experiences and the impact social media is having on all our bad snooping behaviours.