Violetta Fancies You Babyfaced but old enough to go raving North Ldn
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Posted: 29th October 2014

You'd know if you'd met Violetta Fancies You. How? Because London's busiest stylist happens to be the city's most charming too. Fact. When we first met the Camden born and raised chick it became obvious, very quickly, why you might want someone like Violetta on set. Firstly her wardrobe takes some beating, secondly her styling always proffers up a real slice of something quintessentially London.

Whether she's sourcing negligees from second hand boutiques, cutting up old t-shirts or arriving with thigh-high Balenciagas Violetta consistently brings her unique take on everything. Her inspirations lie everywhere; nature, the solar system, her mates and where shes grown up. Violetta’s stamp has become a rawness and realness that’s often most palpable when she collaborated with her clan of boys’ boys; from Piff Gang and feature film 'Ill Manors' to Devlin and Wiley music videos.

That's not to say she doesn't cater for you too-Violetta styled her best mate, Eliza Doolittle with cuppa in hand, for the Waste Of Time Cover (socks never looked so good), styled a Lily Jean Bridger for Playboy Magazine, designed a sold-out silk PJ line with Illustrated People. Worked with Brick magazine editor Louisa Brown on a Moschino-heavy Minati jewellery editorial, as well as music video work with the pulsating Major Lazer ft MO - Lean On. Oh, and Violetta styled Shola Ama (wails *You Might Need Somebody*) for her new EP.

Violetta's work is as refreshing and unexpected as she is- she famously arrived for her iconic LOVE magazine interview, knickerless- and that's why we're not letting her out of our sight.

Tell us about yourself and what you do: I have a wild imagination; I create things from it using Styling and Costume Design. I work as the Fashion Director at Viper Magazine. How would your friends describe you in a sentence? How long is your sentence? When are you happiest? When I’ve just left work knowing magic’s being made Favourite place to eat/shop/hang out? My salads are famous. Love my sister Bay’s cooking and I love eating at Gravy Train every time it’s on. Shopping around Portobello and chilling with my boys.What’s your best advice? Always ask questions What words or phrases do you most overuse? Isit, init & that’s nang. Best party you've ever been to? I can only remember the first half.Song to be playing as you enter the club? Bill Withers – Who Is He What three things would be on your rider? A pack of cards, Rowntrees Jelly, Fuji Water. What is your motto? Don’t wait for anything but be patient. Biggest lie you were told/that you told as a kid? That if you sucked the end of your plait, you’d get fur balls in your stomach.What's next? DEAD or ALIVE Jewellery Collection <3 AND FINALLY...WHO IS YOUR NEXT BABYFACE GIRL SUGGESTION?Who: Jessica Glossin'
Why: You'll see...
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