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Posted: 30th October 2016

You know that thing about being a crowd? Our newest triple-threat crew members are testament to the contrary. They're the pre-drinks, the party, the after party and the cup of tea when you get in- in short, where Unfinished Biz is, is where it's at. They're South London's unofficial trifecta of fuego; the only YouTube channel to subscribe to and arguably NTS' most hilarious chat show. We're of course talking about Unfinished Biz, and it's three core matriarchs: Charlie, Rivah and Kush- all 25 years of age.

Unfinished Biz began as a YouTube channel and a passion project that worked as a convenient place for the three to freely chat about all their concerns and desires-everything from dating to new lipstick purchases and getting on the job ladder, parents and career prospects- no stone, big or little, was left unturned. There was too, the underlying impetus to create a space to, as Kush puts it, "represent girls like us".

The girl's don't shy away from hot-potato topics; the whole while keeping things so invitingly informal, usually over a cup of herbal tea, that you might as well be sat their South London living room with them having a natter. Naturally, the people wanted more! Trust us, watch one episode and you'll be hooked– and so their NTS show of the same name began.

Now, you'll find the girls, once a month, in the Dalston studio filling the air waves with their dulcet tones and straight down the line findings ("Alicia Keys stole someone's man", is how the latest instalment begins). They also lay down their favourite tracks (they have a Drake and Travis Scott bias) which for Rivah who is a Dj and programmer comes naturally. In fact all the girls are working on their own things while staying true to the Unfinished Biz tripod. What Charlie, the in-house beauty expert and Korean skin-care nut, doesn't know about your skin care routine isn't worth knowing, and Kush? Kush also works as a print designer and budding furniture connoisseur (God that's grown up).

While the three aren't busy putting the world to rights on air or online, you'll mostly find them putting the world to rights off air and bringing the heat to a sweaty dance floor near you.

Someone get them a TV show will you, for crying out loud. Welcome, Unfinished Biz!

TELL US ABOUT YOURSELF AND WHAT YOU DO?Charlie: Tell us about yourself & what you do - I've worked in beauty industry since I was 18 and am completely obsessed. I'm basically everyone's personal beauty guru, if u need any beauty tips hotlinebling me....I also have a YouTube channel with 2 of my best friends and gush about what products u needs to change your life there as well :) Rivah: Tell us about yourself & what you do - I am a DJ/Programmer & 1/3 of Unfinished Bizzz, vlog channel & show on NTS Int <3 Kush: I am a Print Designer; making art is my first love. I’m designing my own furniture at the moment, which is fun. And I started a Youtube channel with my best friends called Unfinished Biz. I see it as passion project/ job to represent girls like us or the people who don’t feel represented on Youtube, which can be challenging but exciting. We also host our own NTS show called UnfinishedBiz After Dark talking about problems women face in relationships, sexuality, racial issues and more light hearted fun topics like… what’s your favourite look to where to the club ha!WHAT'S THE FIRST THING YOU DO WHEN YOU GET UP?Charlie: Morning affirmations! 6 things I want to achieve in the foreseeable future, I say them every morning and then stretch! Rivah: Check if my headscarf is still on. Kush: Say a prayer of gratefulness and thank God I’m alive and my family and friends are in good health.WHAT'S YOUR CURRENT OBSESSION?Charlie: KOREAN SKINCARE....basically they just know what they are doing...they understand skin...happy skin is a happy you. I'm obsessed with Korea in general tbh! Rivah: Winter! The clocks changing, the cold really setting in, all of it.... I'll obviously be 1000% over it once we're in the thick of it.WHO DO YOU ADMIRE?Charlie: All my close girlfriends, I know some phenomenal women who motivate me daily and obvi my Ma she's the best and has ALL the answers. Kush: My mother, and all she has given up for me.BEST PARTY YOU HAVE EVER BEEN TO?Charlie: Has to be a 'Work It' when we were at visions....good music, fam and loads of sweat.BOOK CLUB RECOMMENDATION...Rivah: Americanah by Chimamanda Nygozi. Brilliant book, brilliant author.SONG TO BE PLAYING AS YOU ENTER THE CLUB?Rivah: G Unit ft Joe - Wanna Get To Know You. Kush: Young Thug- Never made love. WHAT WORDS OR PHRASES DO YOU MOST OVERUSE?Rivah: Cute, bye, machine - does rolling your eyes count?! I do that quite a lot in reply to things. Kush: Stunning and cute.WHAT 3 THINGS WOULD BE ON YOUR RIDER?Charlie: Facial mist,Ice lollies and elderflower cordial. Kush: Best oils and beauty products from around the world - hand selected. A beauty therapist/ dermatologist (before I go on stage obvs LOL) Quite into Darjeeling tea at the mo… So I’m gonna go with that too.WHAT'S YOUR BEST ADVICE?Kush: There is no one like you. There is only one of you made perfectly. Your eyes were hand selected; your arms were crafted by the finest human genes, every crease etc. It’s all where it’s meant to be. There is only one of you! One! You cannot compare yourself to anyone else. You may share the same characteristics, hobbies, and memories as another human being. But only you can do the things YOU do. Think, walk, talk, eat, or have your own memories, because there is only one of you. So be proud of that, and never compare yourself. You are in your own lane, there’s nothing to chase. It’s only you, your time, and your space.WHAT'S NEXT?Unfinished Biz: U.B world domination, nothing too heavy. AND FINALLY...WHO IS YOUR NEXT BABYFACE GIRL SUGGESTION?Who: Born n Bread
Why: They are a young, free spirited, multi talented collective of girls who make amazing zines, throw great parties and come from South London.