Tuesday Bassen 24 NYC
Categories: Design, Illustrator

Posted: 20th April 2014

Yes, that is her real name and she happens to be an award winning Designer, Illustrator and Art Director living in New York.

Tuesday is a freelance designer. Previously Tuesday was Senior designer at Tinybop where she designed and illustrated educational apps for children. We think she’s just trounced charity workers and vets for the Cute Job Award. Arts n’ crafts Queen and illustrator extraordinaire, she has her finger in a lot of pies. In fact she’s worked with design heavyweights Vogue, Target, Snapple and Fiat, amongst others, and art directs brand experience for said clients.

For all you mongrels still shopping at Clinton’s, Tuesday also makes dreamy hand-made greeting cards. So cancel your Moon Pig subscription, now. Tuesday’s hilarious sketches for Playboy Magazine deftly tackle topics such as the oddest questions their sex advisor has ever been asked: ‘Is it ok for vegetarians to swallow?’ Anyone?

TELL US ABOUT YOURSELF AND WHAT YOU DO:I’m an Illustrator and Designer. I split my time between my freelance practice and my job as Senior Designer at Tinybop.HOW WOULD YOUR FRIENDS DESCRIBE YOU IN A SENTENCE?I asked my friends for help on this one: “A bubbly workaholic with a gross sense of humour.” “Playful, optimistic, and slightly flakey.” “Fun, trill, and manages to make shit happen non-stop.” “Delusionally optimistic and hyper critical.”FAVOURITE PLACE TO EAT/SHOP/HANG OUT?I really love combination/multi-purpose shops like Spina in Brooklyn and Easy Tiger in Toronto. What’s better than eating a cookie and picking out new plants or shoes at the same time? Answer: Nothing. Nothing is better.WHAT’S YOUR BEST ADVICE?Everyone will tell you that crazy hard work makes your career dreams come true (which is partially true and I’m definitely a workaholic), but find a pace that works for you and pay attention to your physical and mental needs. Most of my best ideas come out when I’m doing nothing at all! WHAT IS YOUR MOTTO?In German, you can’t say that you’re having fun, you say that you’re making fun. I use that sentiment to remind myself that I don’t have to sit around waiting for other people to entertain me or to give me the opportunities that I want. Instead of being passive, I choose to be active in my own life. “Ich mach Spaß!”WHAT WORDS OR PHRASES DO YOU MOST OVERUSE?I asked my friends for help with this one too: “Oh wow!” “Ugh, that’s AMAZING!” “RAD!” “Fuck off!” “Dude, guess what!” “Kiss my butt!” “Shut up, are you serious?” Apparently, I have the vocabulary of a 14 year old boy. A RAD 14 year old boy!SONG TO BE PLAYING AS YOU ENTER THE CLUB?Oh man, that’s hard. I could give you “TUESDAY’S PARTY MIX,” but I’ll spare you and say Bossy by Kelis.WHAT'S NEXT?More products from my personal brand! AND FINALLY...WHO IS YOUR NEXT BABYFACE GIRL SUGGESTION?Who: Helen Levi
Why: Dominating the ceramics scene in NYC.
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