Tessa Metcalfe 25 London
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Posted: 26th April 2014

The first time we met Tessa we complimented her on her feather hat. She quickly informed us that the hat had been a pigeon fallen victim to road traffic but four days earlier, and she’d cooked the rest; that’s what we call resourcefulness at BabyFace HQ.

This East End mama hen is never without her sidekick, Meatball, a French Bull terrier, that occasionally can be found modelling some of Tessa’s glorious, Victoriana taxidermy treasures. Modelling herself on the Ol’ HRH (if she was an inked up, EastEnd bird) and her jewels on Pigeon’s anatomy, Tessa’s sensibilities are firmly rooted in London’s cobbles. Born and bred in Hackney, Tessa is inspired by a fantasy London Town where Pigeons rise up and claim back the city for their own. Cor’ blimey, has she seen Birds? You’ll be surprised then that the gems, cast from pigeon’s claws are exquisite. Tessa has begun to experiment with large, regal, natural stones that will give you a dash of monarchical Tudor swag.

Tessa’s clients include the likes of Rita Ora and her pieces have been featured on the pages of publications like Grazia and Vogue. She is currently stocked in London, Brighton, NYC and Russia, and whilst the continuing rise in Pigeon deaths is incredibly upsetting for some, it will do wonders for Tessa and your jewellery box.

TELL US ABOUT YOURSELF AND WHAT YOU DO:I'm a jeweller/taxidermist and pigeon stalker. I'm a jeweller/taxidermist and pigeon stalker. The Queen. She has managed to reinvent the Monarchy using invented traditions and made up ceremony to carve a place in the heart of the public for, what is essentially, an outdated institution based on enforcing hierarchy. She has proved that image is everything and that power is silence.WHEN ARE YOU HAPPIEST?In my workshop with my crystal collection and my endless piles of cast pigeons feet. I'm one of these people that loves to work. FAVOURITE PLACE TO EAT/SHOP/HANG OUT?Walking my wee French bulldog, Meatball, to the pond in Finsbury park and feeding the pigeons. You can train them to eat out your hands and soon I'm covered in the little feathery buggers. I love it.WHAT’S YOUR BEST ADVICE?Learn from your mistakes. Embrace them as the fastest lessons you will ever learn and nourish them.WHAT IS YOUR MOTTO?More is more.WHAT THREE THINGS WOULD BE ON YOUR RIDER?Millers Export Gin, a lemon, ice and a splash of Noilly Pratt. I make a killer dry martini. AND FINALLY...WHO IS YOUR NEXT BABYFACE GIRL SUGGESTION?Who: Tuesday Bassen / Jennifer Bailey
Why: Illustrator legend / living the dream in Berlin
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