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Posted: 1st June 2014

We first met Siobhan when she was playing at Just Jam last summer. We knew we liked the lady because the first thing she did was offer us some cherry Lambrini and Haribo (hearts stolen). The whole cherry Lambrini thing made sense when we clocked that Siobhan was the pint-sized mastermind behind Cherryade club night- officially the club-night best flyers in London town. Subsequently we couldn’t stop meeting the girl- if you’ve ever been out, anywhere, in East London we’d bet our last Rolo Siobhan would have been playing. Originally Siobhan interned for PR companies and record labels, and has always had a musical background. In fact she was inspired from an early age by her parents garage, dub and jungle records that have evidently influenced her style and taste. Siobhan now has a monthly show on NTS with collective PDA (public display of affection) which includes Mischa, Crackstevens and Larry B. You'll catch London’s cutest DJ also playing for Work it, PDA, Don't Watch That TV and Boiler Room. If that hasn’t already made you feel quite tired Siobhan has also made some ear-worm mixes for Asos and Noisey that are well worth a listen.

However, what we’re most excited about is Siobhan’s latest venture: Cherryade Hair; think bum-length pastel coloured extensions and wavy dip dye pieces. Why are we so excited? Have you seen the woman’s My Little Pony hair?!

TELL US ABOUT YOURSELF AND WHAT YOU DO:I am a cute skilled DJ, I run a brand called Cherryade, the party night and Cherryade Hair, an online colour hair extension store. HOW WOULD YOUR FRIENDS DESCRIBE YOU IN A SENTENCE?A sassy cute little hard worker.WHO DO YOU ADMIRE?P Diddy.WHEN ARE YOU HAPPIEST?When I’m eating or when I hear a good song.WHEN ARE YOU HAPPIEST?When I’m eating or when I hear a good song.WHAT’S YOUR BEST ADVICE?Be patient and utilise everything.WHAT WORDS OR PHRASES DO YOU MOST OVERUSE?CUTE!SONG TO BE PLAYING AS YOU ENTER THE CLUB?Mariah Carey 'it's like that' and I enter exactly how she strolls in and the men come and pick her up, in the video!WHAT THREE THINGS WOULD BE ON YOUR RIDER?BBQ Chicken wings, Wotsits and a can of ginger beer.WHAT'S NEXT?Djing everywhere! Just about to launch Cherryadehair online so all the babes worldwide can have cute colourful hair like mines. AND FINALLY...WHO IS YOUR NEXT BABYFACE GIRL SUGGESTION?Who: Rivah Kray
Why: She’s my babe DJ sister.
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