Simran Randhawa 22 London

21 year old Simran Randhawa is one new cohort of intersectional feminists and activists using social media for the greater good in a relatable and powerful way. Simran is energetically and humorously harnessing Instagram to break down the patriarchy with pride and we’re one of her avid 65,000 followers (@simisear_) subscribing to her every thought. Despite having modelled for H&M and alongside Skepta, Simran’s priorities are evident from her feed. Proving that the URL universe can be used for more than pretty photographs, Simran underscores her beauty with a political voice to match. Models are becoming increasingly engaged in shaping the society around them, and Simran is leading the movement of the socially conscious fashion industry. Simran is even the assistant political editor at gal-dem, one of the most influential, socio-political platforms coming out of London now.

We love Simran for her fearless embrace of the feminine to combat marginalisation. Simran recently published an article in Vogue, detailing the healing power of her beauty regime. She also wrote a piece about reclaiming the bindi- On Vogue- we bow! By championing her heritage, and continuing to openly discuss her battles with mental health, she’s demonstrating how much you can achieve while also coming to terms with depression- in short, she’s a light in what can sometimes feel like a dark tunnel of fake news and gormless selfies. Only last week, Simran finished her Sociology degree at Bristol university and obtained a first class honours in her dissertation. When announcing her results, Simran made reference to the many challenges she has faced throughout her university career. It is this kind of transparency and honesty which reverses the polished illusionary sphere of our social media profiles and it’s why love her. Simran is not ashamed to admit her setbacks, and in her ability to overcome them she gives the rest of us hope that we might do the same.

Proudly declaring her Malaysian-Indian heritage, and Punjabi family, Simran is a promoter of 'decolinsing' your wardrobe. Her unique style sees her combine the influence of her London upbringing with traditional Indian dress (think a red silk sari over baggy jeans and Air Force). Her unashamed fight for more representation for “brown girls” in the diaspora is making a very real impact. Simran demonstrates to young women of colour that it is possible to be a Londoner while simultaneously celebrating and championing your roots. Refusing to simply assimilate in a way that society demands, Simran’s voice, style and writing are a two-fingers up to the status quo that we need right now. One flick through the comments on Simran’s outfit posts and lines like this: “You inspired me to wear my bindi to school today!” will fend off any naysayers who discredit Instagram as a politically potent space. Sometimes it's easy to feel safe in our London bubble where liberal ideas of what it is to be an English person and a woman are commonly held, but events like Brexit have been sharp wake up calls. Now, more than ever, we need online icons like Simran for the next generation of girls to look to.

Tell us about yourself and what you do:I find this so hard to answer because I do so many random things! I guess I’m the assistant politics editor at gal-dem, a model, I also do spoken word, ‘digital influencer’ … big sister of ‘brown twitter’ ha. What motivates you?A desire to see girls like me, and our narratives, represented. A desire for transparent communication and storytelling. What do you hope to have achieved in ten years time?Built a career for myself, whilst also managing to empower young brown girls.What kind of an example do you hope to set for young women?My most important aim is to show young girls that you can be you, whatever form that takes, and still manage to kill all your goals. Like, you don’t have to look a certain way, assimilate and leave parts of yourself behind for people to accept you.Career highlight to date? I think it’s just getting recognition from people and peers who I have looked up to for ages. Being respected by the people you respect is hard to top. How would your friends describe you in a sentence?‘you’re passionate and headstrong and aspire to do good’ (as said by my best friend just now) What's the first thing you do when you get up?Pray, thank god and put on music that makes me feel good.When are you happiest?When I’m around my best friend or my mum. Who do you admire?All of the gal-dem girls, they’re so empowering and everyone’s doing such incredible stuff. I truly look up to so many of them.What's your current obsession?Learning about the British Asian underground culture of the 90s/00s. Obsessssssed.What’s your best advice?Do and say everything with your chest.What could you not live without?Female energy.Song to be playing as you enter the club?Nelly – Ride Wit Me, omg or anything Nelly to be honest. It’s lowkey so cheesy but he puts me in such a good mood.Time you laughed the hardest?I don’t know if I can pick a specific time, but honestly … everytime I’m with my best friend Nadia we cackle.What’s your signature dish?I cook a really good chickpea curry, or dry aubergine curry. Basically I’m your girl for Indian food.What's next?Graduating, enjoying summer, growing my brand AND FINALLY...WHO IS YOUR NEXT BABYFACE GIRL SUGGESTION?Who: Helene Selam Kleih
Why: She’s an incredible model, such a natural in front of the camera but also ridiculously articulate and a brilliant writer. I really rate her. Also has the baddest sunglasses collection!
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