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Posted: 27th February 2017

Whoever said “print was dead” clearly lacked foresight, and most certainly wasn’t Serena Guen. Our latest addition to the community is London’s most vicarious and charismatic most casual powerhouse you’ll ever have the pleasure of meeting.

Serena founded SUITCASE magazine as an undergraduate whilst in her last year at NYU. She’s been described as the “Mark Zuckerburg of publishing” by Bloomberg. At 26 years old, Serena is the world’s youngest magazine proprietor. SUITCASE is distributed in over 35 countries and is fast becoming the most definitive tome for young adventures, now. This year she made Forbes 30 under 30.

But what of the woman behind the boggling statistics and long list of accolades? Serena tenaciously retains her inspiringly positive attitude that’s come to be her trademark amongst those that know her. Despite her unrelenting schedule (she is never not boarding or exiting a plane) Serena’s energy levels never seem to ebb.

Yes SUITCASE are now based out of Holborn and their super polished digital offering and long list of contributors have the stature of an organisation that’s been running for more than it’s current 4 year life span, but initially Serena was going it alone. For the first issue, after emailing everyone she knew for advice, Serena went ahead with the dream of producing a printed travel magazine that sat somewhere between Lonely Planet and Conde Nast Traveller, speaking directly to young travellers after some real wanderlust. Now, four years later, Serena is Founder and CEO of one of the most recognised travel magazines across the globe. Serena is very vocal about the amazing team she now resides over who’ve had an important part to play in SUITCASE’s expansion but we suspect she might be the best-time boss going.

How does she do it all? Baths, exercise and that inimitable sunshine attitude that can’t be bought. Welcome Serena.

How would your friends describe you in a sentence?She'll always surprise you.A day in the life of you…Either packing or getting on a plane. I'm trying to make it a fine art.What's the first thing you do when you get up?A headstand for 2 minutes. It gives you so much energy, you feel like you've downed a Red Bull. When are you happiest? By the sea or in the mountains. Or when I've managed to do something good for the world. I'm very excited by what #CookForSyria has achieved. Who do you admire?There's a book called Visionary Women by Taschen, I try to read about one woman per day at the moment. Yesterday was Marie Curie (she won two Nobel prizes in different fields!)What's your current obsession? Yoga and MIT's Technology ReviewWhat’s your best advice?Excitement and nervousness are the result of the same chemical reaction in your body, the sensation is psychological. I used to get so nervous public speaking but knowing this makes me feel in control of the situation.What could you not live without? My family, nature and laughter.Book club recommendation? Hotel du Lac.Best party you've ever been to? Backstage at Ultra in Miami. A couple of the SUITCASE team were taken there on a speedboat with Nile Rodgers (who I of course did not recognise!) When we got there we alternated between a super yacht and a beach filled with hammocks and little seats both of which we basically had to ourselves being served whatever we could dream up. Song to be playing as you enter the club? No scrubs by TLC.Time you laughed the hardest?On my second date with current my boyfriend, he tried to impress me by cooking a healthy meal. I saw he was spiralising a cucumber and asked him what he was doing. He was convinced it was a courgette. He still to this day cannot tell the difference.Signature dish? Some call me the egg master. One item of clothing that best sums you up?Vintage chanel jacket. What words or phrases do you most overuse?😭😉😍What three things would be on your rider? A good Margarita, tacos and a Shetland pony. (I'm not cool enough for a rider so I might as well shoot for the moon.)Biggest lie you were told/that you told as a kid?I used to be obsessed with fairies. Every night for about three years I would leave them little notes and every morning I'd find a note written back in tiny handwriting. My parents were pretty patient. What's your pet hate?Crocs and social climbing.What's next?Turning SUITCASE into the best travel website and growing our new media agency! AND FINALLY...WHO IS YOUR NEXT BABYFACE GIRL SUGGESTION?Who: Emily Ames
Why: She is always knows what's hot and she is from Tobago therefore has a double life where she moonlights as a carnival dancer.
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