Savannah Baker 22 Jamaica
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Posted: 1st July 2014

1985 Tropical Barbie is the coolest Barbie ever made, but she's lacking two things: a pair of Pum Pum socks and proper baby hair. Tropical Barbie, meet Stylist, Creative Director, Photographer and Pum Pum sock founder- Savannah Baker.

A current Westbourne Grove resident but originally hailing from the two hottest spots on the planet, Jamaica and NYC, Savannnah is an all round super-stylist and sock queen. Yes the lady makes socks. Pum Pum socks ‘prides itself on the right balance of cute & cool with a flare of sweet Island vibes.’ You get the drift. If you wanna catch a glimpse of the Pum Pum sockette look no further than Savannah-styled Rita Ora campaign for Superga. Those frilly little dreams poking out of Rita’s shoes? Pum Pum of course. The Island vibes don’t stop there, a recent campaign for Suitcase magazine entitled Dancehall Queen is a feast of green, yellow and red. Savannah’s most recent work is with New York Gyal Rappers as part of a Vice collaboration that saw her styling wi-fi wife’s and Tumblr princesses like Azealia Banks, Junglepussy and Olivia Seally. Editorials for the likes of A La Champ showcases Savannah’s other, equally sumptuous tastes. Latex, cow hide, marabou and puppies: a very modern, sex-shop take on the 90s mall-girl. We’re in.

Jamaica is at the heart of Savannah’s work; she’s styled numerous Popcaan videos and is embarking on more and more Jamaican concept based work. The girl recently embarked on an iD project where she set about documenting the coolest kids of Jamaica. Savannah has captured true Caribbean characters sporting the boldest ensembles you’ve ever seen; Dior-logo sleeveless denim jackets, top hats, banana print pantaloons and nails longer than the fingers they decorate. Plans for the future include releasing a book, building the Pum Pum brand and getting back on a plane to Kingston. Welcome to Jam Rock!

TELL US ABOUT YOURSELF AND WHAT YOU DO:Stylist & Photographer- Grew up in Jamaica & NY now mainly based in London.HOW WOULD YOUR FRIENDS DESCRIBE YOU IN A SENTENCE?I think people would say I am kind and thoughtful but feistyyy when I need to beWHEN ARE YOU HAPPIEST?Im happiest when in Port Antonio, Jamaica= My home & Best Vybz and with family, Johnny BE, my few best friends & Hal.WHATS YOUR BEST ADVICE?Keep ACTIVE... If you want to get into styling/fashion/ creative industries... Assisting // work experience is better than any school UNLESS learning a trade IE Pattern Cutting also courses are great to maintain a balance of both. Whenever you have a free moment: Test shoot & collaborate. Don't be demotivated if you are working for a wanker... Its all good learning experience, whether getting to know what it is like working for/ with different kind of people. Or how you wouldn't want to treat others trying to learn from you. I was incredibly lucky working with the most empowering one of a kind beings I have ever met, stylist "Johnny Blueeyes" he taught me the ropes, gave me so much freedom & his positivity was what really brought me out. For me it is key to do something / BE productive every day even if it is just a meeting re new projects or a day of emails. I spent a lot of time when I was younger chilling/ being lazy & partying- ultimately its an ongoing cycle which can get you in a huge RUT. It certainly made me feel down and stuck until I broke out and now I honestly couldn't be more happy. I feel its also ok & very important to do things in your own way. I personally find it really difficult and awkward to "Network" so I meet people when it naturally happens. I have been in situations when it feels like the other person is being so false when I know in another instance they probably would act quite differently. If its meant to be & I naturally Vybe & get on with the person thats definitely the one for me.WHATS YOUR MOTTO?Not really a motto but one thing I abide by is no one ever will be or should be below or above you. I always know I am not going to click with someone if they are on their high horse. This was what nearly stopped me from doing anything within the fashion world. Thank gawd I started working within the music side as everyone is much more down to earth and on a level. Then once I reached where I needed to be the fashion world automatically respects you.SONG TO BE PLAYING AS YOU ENTER THE CLUB?ANY DANCEHALL/ CULTURE TUNE- ALWAYZ/ ONLYWHAT THREE THING WOULD BE ON YOUR RIDER?1/ Beer, Blackwell Rum, Natural Herb. 2/ Paw Paw. 3/ Steamer & film. WHATS NEXT?* Curating a book that I have wanted to do for ages * More concepts in Jamaica * Speaking with some exciting musicians! * IN THE WORKS OF A BRAND "PUM PUM SOCKS" @pumpumsocks AND FINALLY...WHO IS YOUR NEXT BABYFACE GIRL SUGGESTION?Who: Tessa Edwards
Why: Designer
Who: GG$ Girls ( In LA) Philippa Price & Smiley Stevens
Why: Designers/brand owners
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