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Posted: 24th July 2017

Like all good old fashioned success stories, this one begins with an individual who didn’t much enjoy the institutional choke hold that schools and universities can sometimes be. 27 year old film director and advertising art director, Raine Allen-Miller, started her creative educational career at the Brit school before gaining a pot on the much feted Illustration course at South London’s Camberwell University. She hated it. So, she left and didn’t look back, beginning her formal career as photography and illustration agent and then art buying and creative production at advertising monoliths Exposure, Havas and Wieden+Kennedy.

Then, in some dreamy-sounding, Mad Men style cinematic twist, Raine left her rather cushy title, rolled the die, and teamed up with her school pal and fellow creative Lisa Turner-Wray. The two, coming together in ad-land’s traditional union, moved from agency to agency before settling permanently at East London’s advertising Mecca: Mother.

While Raine continues to freelance at Mother, a job that sees her residing over big, bad accounts such as Money Supermarket (iconic, no?) her career as a director has somewhat snowballed in the last 12 months. Championed by envelope-pushing video platform Somesuch, and working in close quarters with Hannah TW, Raine is producing some of the best short-lead British creative video work going. Inspired by Mother Agency’s founders’ advice along the lines of “no one actually wants to watch ads, so they have to be really fucking entertaining”, Raine’s continues to test our definitions of branded content, advertising, art, entertainment and music video.

Storm a music video for artist Salute, was Raine’s first video that set industry tongues wagging. A post Brexit love-letter to everything we were chucking out with the baby and the bath water, by voting “leave”: it’s a strange and beguiling- it’s a challenge to the standardised concept of Britishness. The video sees Magdaline Ifill coated in the Union Jack from head to toe, executed in an African style of dress. Locked in a dance of constant movement, Magdaline demands the audience's attention. While the characters behind her emit a stillness which casts them comparatively in slow motion. In the final shot, Magdaline lifts her head with an unwavering display of authority and pride. 'I am British,' her body language pronounces her. Its about the beauty of the melting pot that the UK really is, a celebration of the diverse cultures the island is home to and it’s totally weird- which is also important, because, FYI Raine doesn’t do boring. From her witchy women in Denai Moore’s music video for her single Trickle, to her work with Nike, strong, strong women take centre stage.

Take her Nike Beautiful x Power video with Riposte Magazine, that stars Tia and Nadine of BBZ collective. It’s raw, confident and not your run of the mill piece of blasé branded video content. Powerful to me means inner strength,' a voiceover echoes at the beginning of the video, and you can’t help but feel that the same stands for the director. Then there's her video for South London artist Georgia- Feel It. A series of female drummers, from little girls to middle aged women, thrashing away at drum kids, lost in their own rhythms.

In a world of low-grade misogynistic rom-coms, boring action films and vapid reality TV, thank god we have Raine Allen Miller who’s work is a perfect, fizzing alka seltzer, as we meander through the hangover that is the drudgery of everyday marketing.

Tell us about yourself and what you do:​I am a director at somesuch​, but I dabble in other creative bits and bobs too.What is your initial process when responding to a brief?​Is it worth the agony, if yes - how can I make something both visually fun and meaningful.​You made the video for Salute pre-brexit, has the way you view the video altered in hindsight?​ Happy I did it, as a lot of people were uplifted by the statement it made.What have been the strongest influences on your work to date?​I am really influenced by my own pain and frustration! I tend to get really annoyed about something and then write ideas. I am interested in class and how that translates into culture from interior design, fashion, food.What advice would you give to your 16 year old self?Eat as much as you can, paint, shoot, save some money, don't cut or bleach your hair - you nob head!How would your friends describe you in a sentence?I had to ask and I got 'Super shy yet outrageously self-assured creative brained hustler.'​ ​What's the first thing you do when you get up?​I try to have a glass of water​.When are you happiest?​When i'm being spooned.​Who do you admire?My dad.​What's your current obsession?Trying to make clothes and Love Island.What's your best advice?​This is SO cheesy, but I really stand by it - believe in your vision.​What could you not live without?My family.Song to be playing as you enter the club?​Kate Bush - Wuthering Heights​Time you laughed the hardest?I saw my little sister drive, it was surreal - made me realise she's a real person now.What's your signature dish?Jerk hamOne item of clothing that best sums you up?My 'nasty' hoodie that I made. The fact it's a hoodie to hide in, that it's feminist and facety.What words or phrases do you most overuse?'fuck off!!!!!' 'so facety,' 'nepotism...classic'What three things would be on your rider?Salted caramel cupcake, celery and sparkling water.​Biggest lie you were told/that you told as a kid?​I told people my real name was Lorraine because they teased me for being named after the weather. What's your pet hate?People standing behind you awkwardly waiting for you to move, but not having the balls to simply say 'excuse me?'What's next?Some shoots in the pipeline, looking for funding for some shorts, dress making! AND FINALLY...WHO IS YOUR NEXT BABYFACE GIRL SUGGESTION?Who: Jenny Gardiner
Why: She​'​s an amazing production designer​/prop maker​ who is ​one of the most hard working people​ I know.
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