Phoebe Lovatt 27 Los Angeles (but a Londoner born and raised).
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Posted: 10th March 2015

Meet Phoebe Lovatt; perfectly groomed, yes, but a grafter if ever we’ve met one. Phoebe’s work as a journalist, feminist and branded content creator knows no bounds. Originally from London and part of Sharmadean Reid’s prolific wolf-pack, Phoebe crossed the pond in 2012 and embarked on a sun-filled, kale-laden existence in Cal-i-forn-ia (grumble grumble). Living that LOLA (London to LA) life has become an idiosyncrasy of Phoebe’s ‘Brit-abroad’ perspective that filters so humorously into her writing. Phoebe began like all London dwelling creatives by interning; initially at ELLE Girl when she was just 13, working at magazines every summer and easter holiday after that. Phoebe's first break came at 19, when RWD published her interview with an then unknown band called The XX!

Subsequently Phoebe found her voice on her travel blog, Anywhere Anywhere. Lonely Planet, it wasn't. Travel continues to be an integral part of Phoebe's life and she's visited these destinations over the past year: Portland; Jamaica, San Francisco, Palm Springs, New York, Miami, London, Berlin, Madrid, Paris, Miami. We had to just make a list, because, we mean, come on. Phoebe’s passport would make good reading in its own right.

Talking of good reading Phoebe was in fact author of one of the most buzzed-about cover stories of last year that cracked open Nicki Minaj in all her glittery, feminist fabulousness- a piece aptly named ‘Her Minajisty’ that went viral quicker than you can say the words ‘baby-monkey’. In fact, think of Phoebe as generation Z’s answer to Michael Parkinson, but much, much hotter- all respect to the don, still. Phoebe’s sat down opposite Chance The Rapper, Cassie, Dave Franco, Diane Von Furstenburg and Tyler The Creator and has contributed to GQ, Wonderland, Complex, POP, Dazed & Confused, Harper's BAZAAR, Time Out London, RWD and High Snobiety. And, breathe. The long and short of it, is that Phoebe fearlessly asks the big questions; she never lets her age (she’s only 27) or gender be barriers for her work. Which brings us to Pheobe’s latest brainchild, The WW Club.

Inspired by the love of her London homegirls and uninspired by the lack places to meet with likeminded working women in LA, Pheobe did what only Phoebe would do and set up her own space (both physical and virtual) where she could build an all-female network from the ground upwards. It won’t surprise you to hear that the venture has already been a huge success and that Phoebe has published a book, The Handbook For Women Who Do Creative Work to coincide with the meets. The first gatherings began from a temporary work and event space in Downtown Los Angeles in January 2015, and now occur weekly as a ‘Work Party’ on the rooftop of Ace Hotel Downtown Los Angeles. Creatives like Kesh, Rachel Lord, Madeline Poole, Margot Bowman and Kilo Kish all dropped in to contribute. Naturally, Phoebe’s thinking blue-sunny-sky thoughts: ‘I have big ambitions for the Club from a physical HQ to an annual conference.’ Sign us up.

TELL US ABOUT YOURSELF AND WHAT YOU DO:I do a few things: I’m a freelance journalist, moderator, copywriter, editor, and - most recently - author of The Handbook for Women Who Do Creative Work and founder of The WW Club (, a space for working women worldwide. HOW WOULD YOUR FRIENDS DESCRIBE YOU IN A SENTENCE?Adventurous, talkative, and extremely mischievous when tipsy. WHEN ARE YOU HAPPIEST?On a beach, with a book, a cocktail, and a good friend or boy. Simple pleasures. FAVOURITE PLACE TO EAT/SHOP/HANG OUT?In LA, I like having something with a poached egg on it for breakfast at Sqirl, buying minimalist vintage at Mixed Business, and drinking a French 75 at Bar Stella - all local spots, which means I don’t have to drive. Thank God. In London, you might find me eating dinner at Jackson Boxer’s wonderful Brunswick House, shopping at Liberty, or propping up the bar at my mate Tom’s cocktail bar, Ruby’s. WHAT'S YOUR BEST ADVICE?I’m a big believer in embracing discomfort and taking on challenges that scare you a bit. I like the statement: "If everything seems under control, you're just not going fast enough", by racing driver Mario Andretti. In my experience, progression only comes by pushing yourself beyond your comfort zone. WHAT WORDS OR PHRASES DO YOU MOST OVERUSE?All the four letter ones. Mouth like a sailor. Sorry, mum. BEST PARTY YOU'VE EVER BEEN TO? When I was still living in London, my friends Reg and Acyde used to throw this night called Trading Places. Amazing music, beautiful venues, and a crowd of friends and family. They ran monthly for two years - I think I went to every single party, bar one. Good times. SONG TO BE PLAYING AS YOU ENTER THE CLUB?Junior M.A.F.I.A. - Get Money. “You wanna sip Mo’ on my living room flo’...” WHAT THREE THINGS WOULD BE ON YOUR RIDER?Champagne, champagne, champagne. (I wanna sip Mo’ on your living room flo’...) BIGGEST LIE YOU WERE TOLD/THAT YOU TOLD AS A KID?I’ve never been one for lies, but I definitely committed some primary school plagiarism. WHAT'S NEXT?The WW Club world domination! AND FINALLY...WHO IS YOUR NEXT BABYFACE GIRL SUGGESTION?Who: Rosa Mercuriadis.
Why: 24 year old powerhouse and woman of many talents.
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