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Posted: 4th May 2015

Meet Mischa Notcott; hailing from Great Yarmouth, she's the stylist, casting director, DJ and goddess that's shaping the way East London looks and sounds right now. We've been unashamedly crushing on Mischa for an embarrassing amount of time, not least for her inimitable dress sense and more-hair-do's-than-hot-dinners style but also for Mischa's work as a stylist and DJ. The truth is that Mischa's inherent modesty means that you'll undoubtedly recognise her work but you might not know the lady behind it; from styling MIA' s 2014 all-gold-err'thing Matangi tour, to casting at London Fashion Week's to her recent cover of Rollercoaster magazine, Mischa is quietly leaving her imprint on some of this generation's most defining fashion imagery.

Having finished studying Fashion Design at Central St Martins, Mischa, like most fashion graduates post final collection season, was exhausted. Deciding that she didn't want to see the inside of a studio anytime soon, she began interning at magazines and assisting stylists before going it on her own.

When Mischa's not busy styling (she recently styled Skepta and his squad for his Shutdown video) you'll find her casting all the fit boys for LC:M. In fact, she's responsible for all the blue-steel babes who gave us life at Cottweiler and Alex Mattsson last season, as well as filing out Fautsine Steinmetz's most-Instagrammed AW15 presentation at LFW. Side note: when things go tits up you do want Mischa Notcott on your team; she's well versed in models running late, being sick and passing out and whilst we'd have taken a week off work from post-stress traumatic disorder, Mischa always carries on cool as a cucumber.

That's the thing with Mischa though, she always looks likes she having the most fun in the room- and never more so than when she's DJing. Mischa has a residency on NTS radio with her show PDA where she Djs under the pseudonym Mischa Mafia with BFFs Siobhan Bell, Larry B and Crackstevens. As well as hosting her slot on NTS she also takes the party to Vogue Fabrics in Stoke Newington for her PDA club night where you pay by popping your loose change in a Dior sunglasses case- natch, oh, and Twigs and R Patz were in attendance at the last shindig.

In the words of Lisa Maffia (you're related, right?) Mischa is always making the 'ladies in the club shake their body like dice.'

TELL US ABOUT YOURSELF AND WHAT YOU DO:I am a stylist and casting director and also DJ under the name Mischa Mafia.HOW WOULD YOUR FRIENDS DESCRIBE YOU IN A SENTENCE?Well I hope loyal, energetic, thoughtful and funny. But I think they would leave the funny out! WHEN ARE YOU HAPPIEST?Dancing with my friends!!FAVOURITE PLACE TO EAT/SHOP/HANG OUT?My bed. WHAT’S YOUR BEST ADVICE?Work Hard, Play hard and always be kind!WHAT IS YOUR MOTTO?Fortune favours the brave!WHAT WORDS OR PHRASES DO YOU MOST OVERUSE?OMG! ACTUALLY THOU! shut up! Are you being serious!BEST PARTY YOU'VE EVER BEEN TO?I do a club night called PDA and we recently had our 2nd birthday which was too much fun and also Frank Ocean turned up to the last one, which made it memorable! The ultimate was at at Boiler Room when Danny Brown played !!! So messy !!! WHAT THREE THINGS WOULD BE ON YOUR RIDER?Vodka, ginger beer and coconut water! BIGGEST LIE YOU WERE TOLD/THAT YOU TOLD AS A KID?That if a beetle got into you hair it would suck your brains out! WHAT'S NEXT?Holiday hopefully, LCM shows round the corner, PDA nights, cant wait! AND FINALLY...WHO IS YOUR NEXT BABYFACE GIRL SUGGESTION?Who: LOLA CHATTERTON
Why: Because she is the best and loves glitter !!
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