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Posted: 24th May 2014

Leeds to Berlin, that not very well documented or connected route- is a bit of a trade-up in our books, and exactly the route Maude Churchill took when the jobs on offer weren't enough to keep her in London after completing her Contemporary Art Theory degree at Central St Martins. Subsequently Maude became an Editor at cult spot Highsnobiety. Inspirational shit indeed. The word ‘highsnob’ has entered most Londoners’ vernaculars; a peruse around the site proves it’s reputation for being the first on the hottest sneaker launches, tracks and collaborations, is justly met. What’s makes the publication even more head-achingly impressive is that all the content is produced by some 7 people despite the site having an average of 40,000 views a day. If we could do maths we’d *insert a really impressive ratio or figure here*.

However, Maude ain’t getting too comfortable people- this lady has grand designs. Not content with the obvious dichotomy that being a feminist writer on a publication largely run by men, in an industry dominated by men fulfills, Maude’s shaking a few things up. A quick glance at Maude’s features will give you a taste of her intentions; one of our favourite pieces, is her recent series called "Women in Streetwear"- an ongoing panorama of interviews with women bossing boy-heavy industries. We hope Maude has been spending a few rainy Tuesday afternoons in Berghain as she is also planning to boost Highsnob’s reputation as a music publication to boot. We hear it’s a great place to sit down and get some work done.

Maude is also currently in the process of dusting the proverbial cobwebs off of Highsnob’s defunct sister branch- Highsnobette. Why? Maude thinks there should be a spot for girls who are equally interested in ‘the latest dope sneaker release as she is Celine's Fall/Winter 2014 collection’. Amen to that.

TELL US ABOUT YOURSELF AND WHAT YOU DO:After being born and bred in Leeds I went to Uni at Central St Martins and then moved to Berlin because I failed to find employment in London, where I’m now an Editor at Highsnobiety. HOW WOULD YOUR FRIENDS DESCRIBE YOU IN A SENTENCE?Most of them would probably describe me as the one with the little head. A DAY IN THE LIFE OF YOU…I’m a creature of habit, so I walk to work everyday and I’m lucky enough that it only takes me 15 minutes, (10 if I’m late.) I use this time to look out for the tiny Italian Greyhound puppy I’ve seen around recently, dreaming of the day I’ll have one to call my own. Once I get to the office the day is a combination of reading, writing, meetings, and making sure everything is #relevant. Now the weather’s getting warmer I’m looking forward to spending balmy evenings drinking wine with my pals on Berlin’s bridges. Which sounds way more loutish than it is.WHO DO YOU ADMIRE? Not so much who but what. I admire ambition, humility, kindness and calmness because the latter is something I don’t have so much of. People that are nice to people. And of course my friends and family because they encompass all of the the above. WHAT’S YOUR BEST ADVICE?I'm pretty certain fall of our empire is nigh and global warming will truly hit the fan in about 20 years so we should just make the most of our life as we know it now. Be sure to learn a useful trade - I’m going for silversmithing - because nobody’s going to be desperate to save the editor of an online publication if that's my only skill set. BEST PARTY YOU'VE EVER BEEN TO?It’s tough to narrow it down as I like to consider partying a second vocation of mine but Berlin’s definitely spoilt me. Berghain and Panorama Bar, are my fave clubs without a doubt and I can usually rely on their lineups. But the best nights are the ones that don’t just end at the club. Last time we rolled straight from Panorama Bar to a private riverside spot where we saw the morning turn into daytime as we watched boat trippers paddle past. It brought a tear to my already very watery eye. SONG TO BE PLAYING AS YOU ENTER THE CLUB?Mariah Carey - Fantasy Ol’ Dirty Bastard Remix. Obviously Mariah reigns supreme, that Tom Tom Club sample is killer and the song features ODB while he’s just about on the right side of rogue. AND FINALLY...WHO IS YOUR NEXT BABYFACE GIRL SUGGESTION?Who: Hayley Meredith
Why: Content Executive at Agent Provocateur
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