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Posted: 18th December 2015

Madeline Poole is just about our favourite girl-about-the-Big-Apple person. The nail artist, originally hailing from Baltimore has become world-famous for her eponymous MP Nails brand and her work is instantly recognisable for it’s wonderfully geometric pantone designs. She also happens to be part of the cuticle crew that we’d quite like in on, and can often be found taking trips to Jamaica with her best mate Sharmadean Reid. We know this because, sorry Madeline, we totally stalk you on social media. In fact, here’s an opportune moment to let you know that if you don’t follow Madeline on Instagram, um, you should, like, now. Even if you’re not into nails, Madeline’s social media is a glorious insight into her rainbow-shade, denim-clad downtown life.

Poole didn’t always work on such miniature canvases. Her mother was a painter and worked in restoration, trussing up artworks and furniture alike throughout Madeline’s childhood. It was here that Madeline learnt intricate and stylised painting techniques- from her mother’s side. Ok, so it wasn't a childhood calling that meant Madeline started her own nail empire. Like the best jobs it came from an odd job. After graduating from art school in Baltimore and moving to Los Angeles. Madeline was on set assisting a prop stylist. Quite keen on all the free food and air con, Madeline thought she might be onto something. A few days later, she set up her own mini salon in her apartment and started doing her friends' nails sharing her work on Tumblr and then Instagram. In less than a year, MP Nails was the shiniest, sexiest, hot spot for the finest nails in NYC. She’s since worked with some of NYFW’s biggest designers. From her baby pink ribbon-inspired nails for Adam Selman, nuder-than-nude nails for Stella McCartney and chrome stripes fro Philip Lim, Madeline’s quite the regular backstage.

It’s not just her impossibly cute nail designs, her Sally Hanson ambassadorship and her ice-cool clique that’s made Madeline top of everybody’s who’s-that-girl-list, it’s also her dungaree-style. It’s no surprise that Madison Harding were hot on Poole’s heels last year for a collaboration. The result? Ummm, anyone say backless denim mules? We.missed.out. And we haven’t forgotten, so we’re rather delighted at the news that another collection is in the pipeline. If you’re a nail enthusiast, or you quite simply like looking at pretty things you can see Madeline’s tutorials on,, Refinery29, The Coveteur, and IntoTheGloss.

HOW WOULD YOUR FRIENDS DESCRIBE YOU IN A SENTENCE?Well, I literally asked a friend because I can never answer this type of question and she told me: nurturing, easy going, ambitious, goofy. A DAY IN THE LIFE OF YOU…When I'm working my day usually involves trying on a bunch of clothes to find an outfit I'm comfortable in, lugging around a lot of heavy bags, researching, editing photos, emailing, answering interviews or tutorial requests, finding a friend for a meal, painting some nails, walking a lot, cleaning my apartment, dropping by my studio, talking to a family member on the phone, trying to find something to Instagram on @mpnails, find another friend to hang out with, maybe go out for a sec, try to get in bed at a reasonable time. WHAT'S THE FIRST THING YOU DO WHEN YOU GET UP?Forage for coffee, drink as much water as I can get down.WHEN ARE YOU HAPPIEST?When I'm not actively worrying about anything. WHO DO YOU ADMIRE?Jen Brill.WHAT'S YOUR CURRENT OBSESSION?Embryolisse lait-crème concentré, making memes and eve denim. WHAT’S YOUR BEST ADVICE?Don’t be rude.WHAT COULD YOU NOT LIVE WITHOUT?My friends obviously!!!!! BOOK CLUB RECOMMENDATION?I love John Waters: Role Models.BEST PARTY YOU'VE EVER BEEN TO?In Baltimore some friends of mine that i went to school with own and live on a compound which is a collection of buildings and row homes. They occasionally throw parties and the last one I went to was a BBQ in the beginning and everyone got a name tag when they entered. it was pretty much everyone in the neighborhood so there was no chance of the party getting shut down. there are these kind of bunker like cement structures with no roof tops and inside of them is the dance floor. it was mid summer and sticky hot out at night and you could see the moon and the stars. They had turned one of the buildings into a tropical themed bar so you could get drinks with massive almost comical branches of mint from the garden. It was just really free and everywhere you went was another corner of entertainment and the music was great. SONG TO BE PLAYING AS YOU ENTER THE CLUB?Movado - In Di Car Back. TIME YOU LAUGHED THE HARDEST?Prob at a meme of a monkey. WHAT'S YOUR SIGNATURE DISH?A piña colada.ONE ITEM OF CLOTHING THAT BEST SUMS YOU UP?It’s a denim jacket with tons of pockets and a corduroy collar. I wear it all the time and i love to wear it at work cuz i can throw all my bits and bobs in it. It’s casual and classic but its also unusual and kind of vintage looking. WHAT WORDS OR PHRASES DO YOU MOST OVERUSE?I started saying maje, deadass and yas queen as a joke but they've all sort of infiltrated my vocabulary and slip out when I least expect it.WHAT THREE THINGS WOULD BE ON YOUR RIDER?Caudalie beauty elixer, sparkling water, smiths minted rose lip balm. WHAT'S YOUR PET HATE?When people talk with a bubble in their throat. You can’t talk through the bubble you have to clear it and then proceed.WHAT'S NEXT?I really enjoyed designing shoes so I'm going to do another small collection with Madison Harding and then hopefully branch into designing other accessories. AND FINALLY...WHO IS YOUR NEXT BABYFACE GIRL SUGGESTION?Who: Kalena Yiaueki
Why: She’s real funny and down to earth but she has a pretty high stress job so I'm always curious how she manages that.
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