Lola Coca 27 London
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Posted: 9th February 2017

Ok let’s get this out of the way. Obviously with a face like Lola’s the girl’s dabbled in modelling. I mean- come on. But there’s more to Lola than Da Vinci symmetry, eyes like cut glass, cheekbones to hang your coats on, and a smile to launch a thousand Ubers. The Southsea-raised, London-dwelling Lola is one of London’s most distinctive voices and she's armed with a lyrical repertoire of break up songs, that might have some of us sweating like a fuckboi in a Supreme queue.

The first record Lola invested in held her in good stead- Destiny’’s Child’s The Writings on The Wall, but dreams of a pop-career were temporarily on hold. Lola moved from Portsmouth to London to study, before a chance trip to LA meant Lola had to face up to what she’d know for some time. That she wanted to sing. And so Lola’s LA-London lifestyle set itself in motion. Her distinctive musicality is heavy with the contrasting attitudes of the two cities too. The sunshine of Orange County meets the grey smoking area of a Liverpool street bar- and- her style manages much the same balance- Dalmatian print Clueless two-pieces worn with Ashish denim and Nike Air Max. There are other influences too. Those delicious ska-flaoured pop-melodies (inspired by her dad’s record collection) and a dollop of ‘90s girl band slick and Lola’s raspier than raspy voice and we have us some highly earwormy sing-along tunes for your delectation.

Lola is the unofficial composer of the best “single as a pringle and happy just to mingle” anthems on your iTunes. Take her 2015 single Bad Girlfriend and think of it as the anti-Jeremih protest son on behalf of bored girlfriends everywhere. In short don’t expect anything, even if it’s your birthday... It you haven’t listened to any Lola Coca yet, mathmatetics would have it that you’re an anomaly- in fact, last year, 471,702 people listened to 7 years of Lola on Spotify. 7 years.

We quite frankly couldn’t have caught the girl at the better time. With her first headline show under her belt and a new album soon to arrive we quite fancy it a serendipitous coming together. While we’re very much looking forward to hearing the album, we’re not sure Lola’s exes will be. Let that be a lesson.

Tell us about yourself and what you do: A puppy craver, a cheerleader to my friends, and a hopeless idealist who's domestically inept. I'm also musician and song writer. When are you happiest? In the morning on a hot sunny day. It literally gives me a burst of uncontrollable excitement for no reason. Lol. Who do you admire? Aside from those that do incredible life changing things: those who manage to cook for themselves every night and have a regular laundry routine. I just can't get into that groove.What’s your best advice? Fuck it. It's a really flexible philosophy. What could you not live without? Sleep. Book club recommendation? I'm reading a book called "I love Dick." It's not what you think. There's some killer one liners.Song to be playing as you enter the club? Lil Kim - No Matter WhatOne item of clothing that best sums you up? This pastel pink jumper with SNACKS brazenly embroided across it.What words or phrases do you most overuse?"I mean..." ...or *eyeroll*What three things would be on your rider?A puppy desperate to cuddle. A dressing gown and slippers, is that so much to ask for? A direct line to the gods to bless the show.Biggest lie you were told/that you told as a kid?That my auntie was a gladiator called "Lampshade" on the show "Gladiators". I would ask her to do a backflip every time she came over.What's your pet hate? It's a draw between mosquitos and aeroplane food.What's next? More music. More life.What was the first album you bought and why did you love it ?Destiny's Child - The Writings on the Wall. I was the most grown, empowered and independent 11 year old from Portsmouth you'd ever meet. Front woman you'd swap places with? Erykah. We can drop the Badu now, right? There's only one. Where will you be in ten years? I struggle to know where I will be by lunch lol. AND FINALLY...WHO IS YOUR NEXT BABYFACE GIRL SUGGESTION?Who: Emma Breschi
Why: She is a life giving force, smart, beautiful and hilarious.