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Posted: 6th February 2017

Having a full-time job and a side project is a complete Tamagotchi experience; we know the feeling of keeping one eye on your beloved little digital pet while “real” life, and a 9-5, too often get in the way of nurturing what you love. That’s maybe part of the reason we feel such infinity with Liv Little, founding Editor-in-chief of 'extended family of women of colour' feminist magazine, gal-dem.

Day to day Liv works in factual TV, by night (read as on the commute, weekends, under the table at dinner), along with her 70-strong band of women, is busy working on gal-dem and promoting the most inspiring women of colour in the UK. That is of course a tough task- to cut through the din of the whiter than white media landscape we all currently call “home”-and for someone less vivacious and steadfast than Liv and her team, an overwhelming one.

Liv founded gal-dem after becoming increasingly frustrated at being the only person of colour in a sea of white faces in her university lecture halls. Provoked by an exhaustion from being fed the same archaic white-mythologies badly hidden in the prescribed reading lists, celebrated online platforms and widely read literature that still fill our newsagents, Liv decided she’d create her own magazine.

Alongside the magazine, Liv's keeping busy organising events. Their humongous, fabulous and moving takeover of the historic V&A Museum last year was the wax seal on gal-dem’s official arrival. In Liv’s own words: “when have there ever been so many people of colour in an institution filled with stolen artefacts?! That was a night to remember, we all cried about it the next day and I'm sure we'll be crying about it for years to come.” Part two of their V&A series is due to happen this year in an exciting new space, and we’ve already dogeared our diary on March1st, for gal-den’s women of colour comedy night at the London EDITION.

More than just a platform, gal-dem is a space that cracked open previously muted conversations about what it is to be a young, millenial woman navigating multiple identities and habitually facing the prospect of being ignored, or worse, censored. A shining beacon, a new post-digital approach to a one-size-fits-non feminism; rich with stories around feminist porn and black beauty, the ethics of joining in with the predominately white Women’s March and dating, now; quality, varied, complex and a breath of fresh air in these troubling times, gal-dem.

Tell us about yourself and what you do... I'm the editor-in-chief of online magazine, gal-dem and I work in factual TV How would your friends describe you in a sentence? Direct from a friend: a peanut who never says never. What's the first thing you do when you get up?Check my emails and the five other social media accounts linked to my phone 😔When are you happiest? When people stroke my bald head, I live for it, I'm like a cat.Who do you admire?All of the gal-dem babes, they're all wild in a good way.What's your current obsession? Collecting art created by women of colour. I don't think I'll have much space in my room soon... What could you not live without?DOCUMENTARIES! Especially deep, dark ones about cults.Book club recommendation? Paul Beatty - The Sell Out.Song to be playing as you enter the club?I just went on my most played songs on Apple Music and Talkin' The Hardest is pretty high up there, so I'm gonna go with that.Time you laughed the hardest? Probably when one of my best friends, Leyla (exposure), ordered a plain bean burger wrap in Nandos. We all cackled for the entirety of the meal. She does it every time we go out, once she ordered plain (untoasted) bread with no butter at brunch. I'm cackling thinking about it as I type this.What's your signature dish? I make a mean braised squid stew.One item of clothing that best sums you up?My red puffer jacket, I've been told I look like the chocolate bar emoji. What words or phrases do you most overuse?'Cryin', 'I meaaaaan', 'cackling' and 'I hate it' or 'loooooool' if we are talking about the internet (this is what someone just told me when I asked them).Biggest lie you were told/that you told as a kid? My grandma used to say that if I crossed my eyes and the wind blew I'd stay like that forever... It worked... What's your pet hate?When people ask me to do things for 'exposure' aka free.What's next? Lots and lots of events featuring the best UK gals! AND FINALLY...WHO IS YOUR NEXT BABYFACE GIRL SUGGESTION?Who: Abondance Matanda
Why: Because she's only 18 and quite possibly one of the best writers I know.
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