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Posted: 18th April 2017

Women in tech are a woefully underrepresented community. Like finance, politics and film, the tech world has for too long over represented male voices and it’s meant that women within those arenas have been forced to speak a little louder in order to be heard. While we’ve long suspected there has to be more to the story of women and the worldwide web than Sheryl Sandberg and Angela Ahrendts, we’re particularly excited to be playing host to our newest member, app-developer, illustrator, party-thrower and model, Kesang Ball- who, for us, epitomises the next generation of women reclaiming the tech sector for their own. In short Kesang’s making us consider a career U-turn.

At only 24 she’s already designed fully-fledged apps (see the beautiful music app, Harp) is part of one of London’s most inclusive girl-run groups, Pxssy Palace, and is an established illustrator to boot.

Beyond the wonderful work Kesang has achieved along with the other Pxssy Palace crew (last year one of their monthly nights “Self Care is Warfare” raised over £1,000 to provide self care products for women living in refugee camps) who make it their mission to create more safe spaces for women and non cis-hetero people in which to let their bountiful hair down- we need to talk about Kesang’s latest project - Trippin.

The travel industry is currently dominated by brands that we don't connect to: Tripadvisor, Lonely Plaent, CondeNast Travller (the list goes on). Cutting through the noise is Trippin, a new platform for the newest wave of travellers. Trippin is more than a travel app, it's about a lifestyle we can all aspire to.

Created by Kesang with co-founders, Sam Blenkinsopp and Yasmin Shamir, the platform is designed with you in mind. Head over to the socials to keep up with their moves. All will be revealed in good time...

For a collective that’s sustained by a network of women who work around the clock we couldn’t be more excited for Trippin. Beyond facilitating us all having more inclusive fun (Pxssy Palace) and encouraging us all to explore in more depth (Trippin) Kesang, at every turn, is also passionate about promoting the freedom of Tibet. Kesang’s mother was a Tibetan orphan and refugee who fought her way into freedom and eventually the UK- truly, a Babyface icon in her own right.

While you’ll have to wait till Trippin launches later this year, now’s the time to get batter acquainted with the tirelessly positive, generous, inspiring and vibrant, Kesang.

Tell us about yourself and what you do:I love making cool tech products. In my spare time, I do anything in my power to support Tibet and its freedom. What is Trippin and what's your role within it? Trippin is going to be the ultimate travel platform for our generation, we’re all about bringing a fresh energy to the travel sector. My side is making sure we have the best possible product in the hands of our users. We’re still in early stages but expect it on your phone screens very soon. Ever been on a holiday from hell? A school residential where got caught smoking and wasn't allowed to ski for the rest of the time we were out there. Bummr. Who's your icon and why? My mum, she fucking rocks. She was a Tibetan orphan and refugee and whenever I think i’m having a hard time I remind myself that she crossed the Himalayans aged 5 (when Tibet was invaded), battled her way through refugee camps and made it for herself in the UK. When I think of an icon, it’s her. When are you happiest? When I'm on a plane.What's your current obsession? NASA, past present and future.Book club recommendation? Coleridge, he’s my favourite poet. He wrote the majority of his poems high off opium, and my favourite's Khubla Khan. Best party you've ever been to? I'm part of a collective of women who put on monthly inclusive club night which centres women & femmes of colour. We have a safer space policy so that we and our guests can party without fear or judgment. The collective power of energy between women at Pxssy Palace is amazing and I've met some of the most inspiring people there which is why it's my favourite party ever.Song to be playing as you enter the club? Something about us -  Daft Punk What's your signature dish? Tibetan momos. What words or phrases do you most overuse? 'Trippin excursion'. What three things would be on your rider? Tequila. Tequila. Tequila.  What's next?  We’re launching Trippin later this year so stay tuned to our socials for updates and vibes.  AND FINALLY...WHO IS YOUR NEXT BABYFACE GIRL SUGGESTION?Who: Yasmin Shamir 
Why: Yasmin is a visionary in every sense, her creativity and spirituality have impacted my life in the most positive ways imaginable and i’m so proud to have her as a co-founder for Trippin. Aside from that, she spins the best tunes ever.  
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