Jessica Taylor 26 London
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Posted: 19th October 2015

If there’s one girl who’s been prettifying the faces of East London for quite some time now it’s Jessica. Not only is she the Mushpit’s resident macquillage magician, gypsy-beauty, Beauty Editor at large and go-to-girl, she’s also graced the faces of everyone from Ella Eyre and Kali Uchis via BabyFace original, Grace Pickering.

Originally from the north (Yorkshire FYI) but having made the great pilgrimage down to London, Jessica is actually sort of our ultimate fantasy: a beauty-school-dropout. Well, kind of- after dropping out of Kings she met her long time collaborator, and fellow truant, Char Roberts, who subsequently established London’s best zine, The Mushpit with Bertie Brandes. Growing up around a family of glamorous women and watching her mother apply lipstick in the mirror followed by a subsequent growing obsession with JLo meant that Jessica was always passionate about make-up and the women wearing it who inspired her. Jessica was also a member of The National Theatre in her youth (and a 1,2,3,4) but unfortunately for us she found herself happier backstage playing with makeup. One of the first jobs she was booked for was a Nike editorial where she worked on a body-painter who was modelling on set- namely, none other than fully fledged make-up icon Isamaya Ffrench.

She's since worked with Nick Knight and make-up guru Matty Bovan and on Claire Barrow's latest campaign. For issue #7 of The Mushpit Jessica pulled off three eyeliner looks on our favourite girl group, Skinny Girl Diet, on a legendary hangover and holds this moment dearly as a career highlight (if you're a boy you won't understand what a feat that is).

Of course we asked Jessica what make-up she would have pulled from her cold dead hands and reluctantly we're going to tell you: Armani's Luminous Silk foundation; NARS bronzer in Laguna, Laura Mercier's Secret Camouflage concealer and MAC blush in Warm Soul. There. Have it.

Another of Jessica's passions is soul music so it makes total sense that she's starting her own soul night. Jessica assures us that it will be a 'good old fashioned disco' and that the the dress code will be very fancy, so, fix up people! She’s also author of the best text’s we’ve ever received: ‘So hungover. Sent him the Buzzfeed list of all the feelings you feel on a hangover as told via Taxidermy. Am yet to hear back…’ Vive L'Jessica!

HOW WOULD YOUR FRIENDS DESCRIBE YOU IN A SENTENCE?Emotional.WHEN ARE YOU HAPPIEST?Dancing! Preferably with my loved ones, preferably to my playlist and preferably a little bit sloshed. FAVOURITE PLACE TO EAT/SHOP/HANG OUT?My family home in York. Wherever those guys are I’m happiest but HOME is the best. There’s always something delicious happening in the kitchen and my mama’s wardrobe is ultimate. WHAT’S YOUR BEST ADVICE?Cherish the people you love whilst you can. WHAT WORDS OR PHRASES DO YOU MOST OVERUSE?I need to turn this ship around (the ship being myself) BEST PARTY YOU'VE EVER BEEN TO?WORK IT at Visions was the absolute BEST. We used to block out every third saturday, arrive as early as poss and still be dancing when the lights came on. Janet Jackson’s That’s the Way Love Goes from start to finish, 90s with zero irony and slow jams for the last ones standing. SONG TO BE PLAYING AS YOU ENTER THE CLUB?DONNA SUMMER - BAD GIRLS (toot-toot haaaiii beep-beep) WHAT THREE THINGS WOULD BE ON YOUR RIDER?Fried chicken, frozen daiquiri’s and litres of iced lemon water. BIGGEST LIE YOU WERE TOLD/THAT YOU TOLD AS A KID?That I hadn’t cut my own hair and that I hadn’t slathered myself in Mum’s fake tan. WHAT'S NEXT?My night coming soon!! Disco/soul/comefeelGOOD. AND FINALLY...WHO IS YOUR NEXT BABYFACE GIRL SUGGESTION?Who: Eloise Parry
Why: She’s sensational. She’s a photographer and is so engaged whilst she shoots, it’s such a pleasure to watch her work / work with her. Also the most infectious laugh / grin. LOVE HER.
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