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Posted: 25th May 2015

Meet Jade Jackman; the twenty-one year old student, film-maker, activist, journalist and militant feminist who intends to pull down the patriarchy one film at a time. Raven-haired, chaotic and with a penchant for macabre jewellery (think eyeballs popping out of sockets) Jade might look like a normal twenty-one year old girl (ok, a very hot one), but Google Jade and one of the first things you'll discover is a Guardian article about jade and thirty nine other students using bicycle locks to barricade themselves in a central administrative room of LSE university in protest against the 'marketisation of higher education' and zero-hour contracts for staff. Yeah, you're starting to get the idea, Jade's not for turning. While most of our university experience can be boiled down to taking naps in the library, getting off with people we shouldn't have been and queuing for electro-swing nights, we imagine Jade might look back on the experience a little differently. You see the thing with Jade is that her passion for human-rights, equal-rights and education shine through every aspect of her already dumbfounding body of creative work.

At seventeen Jade won her first national essay prize. The scheme, run by the Archbishop of Canterbury aimed to alter readers' perspectives by building a first person narrative that challenged Islamophobia in the UK. She is currently studying for a degree in Law and Anthropology from LSE whilst coincidentally preparing to direct her first ever documentary, which despite being well known for her dysfunctional relationship with her phone, will screen at the BFI and at Eye Want Change - a smartphone film festival. In fact, Jade's one of the founding member of Eye Want Change, a phone-film competition that asks young people age 16-25 to shoot films about society on their phones. Last year films were screened at the House of Vans and our dad crushes Richard E Grant and Nick Broomfield were on the panel. In fact, the lady has been selected to be on Sheffield Documentary Festival’s Youth Jury this summer.

It makes sense that Jade's academic interest in the individual and human agency has informed her forays into film. Jade is particularly concerned with telling the lesser rehearsed stories of women in situations that challenge mainstream female stereotypes. Jade's allegiance to feminism and her political activism converged when she embarked on a trip to Malawi to document the criminal justice system, propelling her to subsequently embark on several prison projects within the UK, with the eventual aim of making a feature length documentary on the UK's prison system. It's not all work though (kinda) Jade is the co-host of a night called Karma Klub, which is a club night where all the proceeds go to a small charity in need of a cash injection. If Jade's roundup makes you feel like getting up of your lazy butt, then good, but take some comfort in the fact that Jade's favourite place to hang is in her bed, preferably with a fluffy little dog. What's next? Well,Jade is shooting and directing a short documentary about Malina Suliman, an Afghani graffiti artist this summer, oh, and then there's finishing that degree. Stay. Tuned.

TELL US ABOUT YOURSELF AND WHAT YOU DO:I am currently completing my Law and Anthropology degree at the LSE and have just finished writing my dissertation on the underground fetish scene in London. I co-host / organise a night called Karma Klub which is a club night where all the proceeds go to a small charity that needs an injection of cash. I am currently researching for a short film that I will shoot and direct that will be shown at the BFI next year and I'm also one of the founders of an organisation called Eye Want Change. HOW WOULD YOUR FRIENDS DESCRIBE YOU IN A SENTENCE?God, I’m not sure I want to know… Someone once described me as ‘the one with the wild eyes but surprising love for fluffy dogs’. I’m definitely a fan of that sentence. I’d die of joy if someone bought me a small fluffy dog. WHAT'S YOUR BEST ADVICE?The best advice I have ever been given came from my grandma. According to her, she was particularly badly behaved when she was younger and her family would grab her by the legs and shake her over a fire to smoke her ‘evil spirits out’. This was often provoked by her love of dancing but it didn’t stop her. She is such a symbol of real wild, crazy freedom to me. Anyway, when I was younger I asked her why she kept doing it and did she ever get burnt?! And wouldn’t it reaaaallly hurt?! Laughing, she turned to me and said ‘I’ve just had a knee operation and if I’d waited till I was older and free to do what I want I’d never have done it. In comparison, I don’t remember the pain now only the feeling. You have to do things in the moment and when you have a chance’. That is the best advice! It gives me an excuse to keep being impulsive and throw myself headfirst into the emotion of a moment. And I can blame it on genetics if someone says I’m reckless! FAVOURITE PLACE TO EAT/SHOP/HANG OUT?My bed. It sounds really lame but it is true. Summertime antics caused my blind to falldown and I haven’t fixed it… but I now have an amazing view. So, I can curl up amid books and furry blankets and watch people walk around below or see the lights of the big city buildings. I find it oddly inspiring… It was my motivation for a series of sketches and photos… you can hear all these stories and words drifting up from below. WHAT WORDS OR PHRASES DO YOU MOST OVERUSE?‘Sorry, my phone has run out of battery. You won’t be able to contact me but I will be there!’ or “your bullshit”. BIGGEST LIE YOU WERE TOLD/THAT YOU TOLD AS A KID?That I was a good hairdresser… I went to go and see my grandma over Christmas and she showed me a ‘homevideo’ I was 'directing’ when I was about 7. My grandfather, a wonderful Russian man with the biggest ears ever and a husky voice, was the star actor. I’d decided that I was also head stylist and that he needed a haircut… People shouldn’t trust me with sharp objects now but there I was prancing around, clambering on the sofa to give him a haircut whilst proclaiming that I was right and that it was absolutely necessary that I did it. I’d been told I had done a great job and felt quite proud of it for years. The illusion was totally shattered this Christmas so watch out if I offer to give you a haircut! Haha… I guess another big lie was how much I’d changed over the years and become more mature. That still kinda sounds like me now! WHAT'S NEXT?Well, my dreams of pulling down the patriarchy one film at a time are coming closer… I’m currently in research mode after winning a human rights film pitch at the BFI. This summer I’m going to be shooting and directing a short documentary about Malina Suliman, an Afghani graffiti artist. There is such an urgent need for alternative stories that challenge the mainstream narrative to be told especially at the moment. I’m super interested in the process of filmmaking as well as turning shooting into something more collaborative and political. So, in the spirit of that, I’ve recruited an awesome lady called Nadira to work with me and we’ll be launching a blog about our adventures. I’ve also found out that I’ve been selected to be on Sheffield Documentary Festival’s Youth Jury. That basically means I get to be part of one of the coolest film festivals around and also watch lots of documentaries… I couldn’t be more excited. We’re also looking to expand Eye Want Change and link with some online petition / activist platforms… oh, yeah, and gotta do that degree as well! AND FINALLY...WHO IS YOUR NEXT BABYFACE GIRL SUGGESTION?Who: Gee Linford-Grayson
Why: She is super inspirational. I’m very lucky to live with her! She is our unis (LSE’s) Womens Officer. Not only did she lead me to learn that feminism was my thing but she is just generally kick ass. I shine with pride when she comes home with bruises from her rugby matches and then makes the yummiest food.
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