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Posted: 16th May 2015

If you're a girl, and you DJ, you're already out numbered. Look at any of the summer's line ups and the proof is in the vodka jelly- male DJs outweigh female ones ten to one. Some hope and faith for us ladies come in the form of Giulietta Canzini aka Piu Piu and Louise Chen; two of the formidable women behind Parisienne music and artistic collective, 'Girls Girls Girls'.

Più Più began playing out as a DJ five years ago and as fate would have it was booked by Louise for one of her first parties- things went pretty well and the two decided to properly join forces by combining their nights to create one super-girl fuelled evening. Sure, it's a female only organisation, as the title would suggest, but the pair are troubled by other things than just the music industry's gender imbalance-primarily they're concerned with throwing fucking good parties and ensuring you dance your wee feet off. They describe themselves as 'music nerds', but we were surprised to learn that Piu Piu had previously worked in fashion before teaching herself from her own bedroom how to DJ in 2010.

Half French and half Taiwanese Louise first dipped her toe in the mixing pool by compiling mix tapes of the latest hits to send back to her family in Taiwan before establishing the Girls Girls Girls parties in 2011. GGG began as a regular party where the same group of women played, however, always rolling deep with a lady crew of photographers and designers they were fast labelled an artistic collective. Both Piu Piu and Louise now host regular shows on France's Rinse FM; their nights play host BabyFace faves; Kelela, Nguzunguzu Venus X, Lil Silva, Sampha, Eclair Fifi and their previous residency at Paris' Social Club was legendary (so we heard!)

They're an unstoppable team in the club and their nights are not to be missed. Piu Piu cites Chicago House and R 'n' B as influencing her style and Louise confesses to having been an indie kid (phew! Not just us with suppressed memories of having queued outside Frog to see the Holloways then?) but is now known for her Hip Hop, house and electronic music- filled sets. Oh, and Drake. Lots and lots of Aubrey Drake Graham.

Both are regulars at London's stalwart night, Deviation, hosted at what we can only describe as London's darkest and smokiest assault-course, XOYO, home to some of the city's finest electronic-music-head nights. Piu Piu agrees the pair had always admired Londoner Benji B's ability to throw pretty top notch parties and they gave the guy a pretty good run for his money last year when Virgil Abloh joined the babes on stage just to, you know, MC their set- both give an effusive thumbs up to London's rich night life of which the pair have become more and more frequent key players but Paris is where their hearts are.

If you're not London or Paris based you can trace the girls' every moments via their oh-my-god-I-don't-take-any-photos Tumblr, that's full of disposable snaps of their nights and are filled with friends, musicians and all the incredible cities the girls visit. In the words of Jay, "Girls, girls, girls, girls, girls I do adore…'

TELL US ABOUT GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS AND HOW IT ALL CAME TO BE?L: Well it started off as just a party really. The idea was to have a platform for girls to express themselves musically, turned out organising a party was the most natural thing to do. Tried one party, then a second one and another, and soon enough we were a crew of girl DJs, party-goers, a graphic designer for our flyers, a party photographer, etc. So I labelled it an 'artistic collective' when really it was code word for "friends having fun"! Later on, when it all became our actual job,we realised that to make it more professional, only the DJs could generate revenue. And that's how girls girls girls went from being a party, a collective, to a DJ crew! P: I actually joined the crew a little bit after it was created, i had been throwing my nights already, and since we had basically the same crew, wanted to do similar lines up etc, we just thought "let's join forces and do it even bigger!"HOW DID YOU MEET?L: We met at the first Girls Girls Girls night actually! I had seen the video Piu Piu made for her Rick Ross cover "BMF" and thought she was really cool so I booked her to DJ the party. We met that very night at Social Club. P: Yeah, and the first party was actually with our mutual friend, and amazing radio host Laura Leishman who actually crowd surfed that night haha.DESCRIBE ONE ANOTHER IN A SENTENCE...L: She's a joyful imaginative artist and a powerful strong woman all at once. A beautiful living being. P: Louise is mega organised, loves to take care of people even when she doesn't really know them, a great cook, she is super curious about everything, mega joyful and looses her patience very quick at bored games.WHEN ARE YOU HAPPIEST?L: I just have to quote Madonna: "Only when I'm dancing do I feel this free" P: When i'm with the people i love (i'm sorry to be so corny)WHAT'S THE BEST ADVICE YOU'VE EVER BEEN GIVEN?L: I won't lie, I've had a lot of great encouraging advice from friends, family, etc. but the one thing that's really changed my life in the most positive way is "Find what you love and do it, just do it!". I know it's also a Nike advert, but I swear that "Just Do It" really works! Transforming your idea into an act - that's the secret to copious amounts of natural endorphines. P: Treat other people like you wanna be treated.SONG TO BE PLAYING WHEN YOU ENTER THE CLUB?L: "I WAS RUNNING THROUGH THE 6 WITH MA WOES" anything Drake basically! P: The best thing would be Éclair Fifi to be playing! If not a strictly rhythm record and i know i'm gonna have a good time at the party, or Black Ice Productions- Fresh Melody, the dj is gonna become my best friend.WHAT THREE THINGS WOULD BE ON YOUR RIDER?L: Rider's pretty boring, although I did add a bit of an exotic fruit juice to it: Water bottles, pineapple juice and Tequila. If I was ballin' I'd ask for coconut water, avocados and taiwanese black sesame bubble tea! P: Grenadine, CDJ nexus 2000 and cigarettes that's all i need for a good time lol! AND FINALLY...WHO IS YOUR NEXT BABYFACE GIRL SUGGESTION?Who: Nina Las Vegas <3
Why: She might be living far from us in Australia but her strength, creativity and drive know no boundaries. She's an inspiration. And she's one of the only people that still watches Grey's Anatomy with us lol.
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