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Posted: 5th June 2014

Sista sista..

For our first joint BabyFace feature we couldn't think of a sweeter sister couple than Sapphire and Emerald Lewis. Both are extremely talented and making serious moves; from curls to hoola-hoops and back again, in a circular motion. Introducing London's hottest sister act.

But first things first let’s talk about the hair. THE HAIR. If you have curls *preach* then you’re going to want to familiarise your wavey self with these two. Both are sporting London's cutest curls; Currently Sapphire’s do is a fawny brown having been pillar-box red and Emerald’s a dusty gold- sigh.

Sapphire is the manager of cult hair salon Bleach who have single-handedly changed the face of hairdressing in the UK. Appropriately enough she is also one of the faces of Skimdo, along with FKA Twigs, that promises ‘the curl of your dreams’. Newsflash: if you have badly behaved ringlets and curls, or even just some lackluster kinks, you need to get your paws on some Skimdo. This is hair changing shit (or so we hear – in the barnet dept we're more Mel C than Mel B :( ). Saph’s passion for the curl doesn’t wind up there (sorry). The girls a curl freak and has plans to put the twist on the map with her own zine, aptly named ‘The Ringlet’ and the Instagram @theringlet is well worth following for curlyhair inspo. Saph also styles hair and her most recent spreads for Vice and Pop will give you so much baby hair envy, that before you know it you’ll be stood in Boots buying a fine comb and pestering your brother for his dusty pots of hair-gel, before rushing home to purchase a bandana from Etsy. You might recognize the face as well as the hurr though; she’s modeled for Urban Outfitters and Goodhood to name a few.

Younger sister Emerald is a TV presenter,hoop dancer and has modelled for the likes of ASOS, Lazy Oaf, Oh My Love and the catwalks of London Fashion Week. Her latest project saw her presenting highlights from Dour festival in Belguim and her YouTube videos are well worth a butcher’s - the girl has more energy than a Duracell bunny. As is evidenced in her hoop vids, Emerald can genuinely hoola-hoop two hoops off her elbow and hoola around her neck whilst getting down to some dancehall; we can't do any of the above even as a singular activity. Just another reason why BabyFace have a soft spot for Emerald; her hoola-hooping is legit. She is in fact part of a traveling collective with Mawara The Amazing, who can hoola hoop 133 hoops at the same time (!) as one of her majorettes. Mawara and her majorettes perform regularly all over London and hold hoola-workshops. When people ask us what we want to be when we grow up the answer is always ‘to be a member of a traveling hoola-hoop performance collective.’ We’re a bit jel.

TELL US ABOUT YOURSELF AND WHAT YOU DO:Sapphire: I’m manager at BLEACH London, hairstylist/colourist/cutter and I run TheRinglet.com which is a blog all about curly hair.Emerald: I’m a model, a presenter and a hoop dancer. I model to pay the bills and to prance around in beautiful clothes and fabulous shoes. It’s the only time I really wear heels and pretend I’m a grown up because I’m 6ft tall without! I was formerly a presenter with music label, Never Say Die and I’m a hoop dancer with Marawa’s Majorettes! We are an amazing group of happy healthy inspiring women who train hard and perform for events and shows all over the country, at festivals and sometimes abroad! I’ve just been travelling on my own for three months in Australia, now I’m hard grafting to save up the money for more adventures.HOW WOULD YOUR FRIENDS DESCRIBE YOU IN A SENTENCE?Sapphire: Sensible and work-orientated cat lover with massive curly hair and a penchant for shoes.Emerald: They would hopefully say I was fun and approachable, but they would probably say I was clumsy and crazy! And that I need to stop talking to strangers. WHEN ARE YOU HAPPIEST?Sapphire: On a Sunday with my boyfriend having a day out with our dog, Rudy.Emerald: When I’m hooping my heart out to a good tune. FAVOURITE PLACE TO EAT/SHOP/HANG OUT?Sapphire: My favourite place to eat is Rita’s on Mare Street. Fave place to shop is Liberty. Fave place to hang out is at Bardens. Emerald: Any kind of London market/car boot sale. Borough market is amazing for food, Camden for knock offs, hula hoops and costumes, Spitalfields for jewellery, Brick Lane for clothes, Brixton village market for everything! WHAT WORDS OR PHRASES DO YOU MOST OVERUSE?Sapphire: ‘Oh really?’ – when I’m half listening to a client talking and trying to concentrate on doing their hair.Emerald: I think I put the word ‘well’ in front of every adjective way too much. ‘well good’, ‘well nice’ ‘well tasty’.SONG TO BE PLAYING AS YOU ENTER THE CLUB?Sapphire: I Feel Love – Donna Summer.Emerald: PYT – Michael Jackson. BIGGEST LIE YOU WERE TOLD/THAT YOU TOLD AS A KID?Sapphire: That my middle name was Josephine (it’s not, I just really liked that name when I was a kid. Weird)Emerald: I’ve been modelling since I was a kid, as have my sisters, and we sometime used lie to the school that we were ill or something else was going on when there was a shoot, feel pretty bad about that! Luckily I was a total nerd, which balanced out all the absences. I still have anxiety dreams to this day that I’ve forgotten to do my coursework or revise for an exam. I haven’t been in a classroom for almost four years!! WHATS NEXT?Sapphire: TheRinglet.com will get a proper launch and I’m making a mini zine this summer all about curly hair. Emerald: Hooping, hooping and more hooping. Thinking about doing circus training to really sharpen my skills. Lots of festivals, taking my video camera with me everywhere to capture funny moments and interview inspiring people. And once I’ve got enough dollar, travelling again! AND FINALLY...WHO IS YOUR NEXT BABYFACE GIRL SUGGESTION?Who: Sapphire: Nicole and Daniella Kahlani
Why: Sapphire: They’re a twin sister hair and make-up team and massively talented.
Who: Emerald: Marawa's Majorettes
Why: Emerald: They are the most positive, encouraging, inspiring, happy, healthy women I have ever met, with bags of personality and such a sense of community. Not to mention, absolute heaps of talent.
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