Elizabeth De La Piedra 30 Chicago via Australia and Peru
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Posted: 29th January 2017

Like all good modern love stories, this one involves Instagram. We first fell for photographer Elizabeth De La Piedra, otherwise known as, Elizabeth Smart, through a good old-fashioned Instagram stalk. I mean, how could you not? The Peruvian-born, Australian-raised, Chicago-dwelling, mini style maven is in possession of one of the finest second-hand meets designer wardrobes on the web. Think Chloe Sevigny meets Chi-town and thrifting and you’re someway to envisaging Liz’s inimitable style- failing that, Google her and have a look, sign up and pledge allegiance along with the other 57.7k devotees who currently follow her. Gingham, mohair, Moschino, PVC, Gucci, berets, fishnets, leopard pint- Liz does it best.

Clothes are all well and good, mind it’s more that it’s Liz wearing them that’s important. Beyond her supreme style she is also an astounding photographer. A graduate of The College of Fine Arts in Sydney and a bachelor of Arts from RMIT in Melbourne, Liz’s photography credentials are solid. She’s trained under the best of them; Ryan McGinely, Magnum Photos and Chris Buck. To date Liz has shot for Major Lazor and worked on numerous non-fashion projects, but her latest project, RASHIDA has to be her most exciting to date. The photographic series is a look at a day in the life of an North California-based transgender African American woman namely: Rashida Renée, Liz’s longterm muse who she met on Tumblr. Liz finally travelled to Oakland to meet Rashida and spent five days immersing herself into Rashida’s routine last year. The soulful and moving portraits- Rashida playing with her twin nephews, getting ready in a bathroom- are an intimate and human look at a life rarely spoken about in mainstream image making. The body of work was shown at Liz’s first solo exhibition at NYC’s 151 gallery and attended by Liz’s nearest and dearest- in short, sit up, pay attention, this is more than just a beautiful face.

While Liz isn’t busy shooting she's also busy looking after her baby son, Lex, whose just turned two and is married to her long term partner Josh Young (one half of the DJ duo Flosstradamus). Liz is also due with the newest family member- any minute now. Modern-day muse, mother, mamacita, Liz is one of the best going. Thank you for doing us the honour of being a Babyface woman.

Tell us about yourself and what you do:I’m a photographer, creative director and thrift enthusiast.How would your friends describe you in a sentence?"Old soul but young at heart."When are you happiest?When I’m with my whole family. My family, my parents, my sisters and their families. We rent a holiday house big enough for all of us every year and it’s my favorite time.Who do you admire? My mother.What's your current obsession?Being comfortable at all times. What’s your best advice?Don’t let outside noise distract you from your own path and focus.What could you not live without?Hot baths. Book club recommendation?1Q84 by Haruki Murakami.Song to be playing as you enter the club?I Think I Love Her - Gucci Mane.What's your signature dish?Lasagne.. my husband calls it Lizagne lol. One item of clothing that best sums you up?Vintage 90's Guess blue jeans. What words or phrases do you most overuse?“Lex get that out of your mouth!” (in Spanish)What three things would be on your rider?Coconut water, black socks and Glossier boybrow.What's your pet hate? Lateness and rudeness. AND FINALLY...WHO IS YOUR NEXT BABYFACE GIRL SUGGESTION?Who: Brenda De La Piedra
Why: My big sister @onefullmami aka @onehungrymami. From style to lifestyle to motherhood inspo, she's got it all. She taught me how thrift :)
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