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Posted: 7th April 2017

Safe spaces are what we’re all about over here at Babyface, so when we first read about Dj duo, BBZ we got a little bit overexcited. BBZ, made up of Tia Simon-Campbell and Nadine Davis and is a monthly exhibition and club night. The DJ duo have curated one of the capital’s most vibrant club nights; fuelled by the desire to have a good time while also eradicating any misogyny and offering a safe haven for queer and femme women, trans people and gender-neutral people of colour in particular. BBZ is an antidote to the Grey Goose swilling, table-dwelling machismo nightclubs that most of us might associate with the mainstream culture that dominates the uk’s night life.

From a young age, both South Londoners were avid-rave goers, but Nadine who came out at a relatively young age and quickly felt ostracised by the binary atmosphere clubs sustain. Both Tia and Nadine came to feel marginalised by the playing out of heteronormative interactions, of ultra feminine dressing or encouraged misogynistic behaviour that we all recognise and accept as “normal” night-shift behaviour. From the flyers, to the attendees via the music, neither Nadine or Tia could find themselves being catered for in the nights on offer in London. Needless to say when the pair finally met on the set of a photoshoot- they got on pretty well. In fact, that’s an absolute understatement- London’s most purposeful and refreshing party throwers are in fact, an item.

The two established BBZ (Bold Brazen Zamis or, Babes) last year. With them, Tia and Nadine bring their chemistry and vivaciousness to every aspect of a BBZ night. Any sort of nonsense that closely resembles, homophobia, negativity, sexism or hate- is left firmly outside the door. Keen for the night to feel more like a community gathering than hunting grounds, the two have managed to magic up a event that’s the perfect blend of live performance, dance, poetry, art, discussion tunes, friends and, hopefully, romance. Now, one of London’s most shining bastions of queer culture and nightlife, BBZ is fast becoming an glittering example of inclusivity and positivity to London’s less diverse club nights. Forget what you thought you knew about clubbing, welcome to the future of Friday nights.

Tell us about yourself and what you do:Bold Brazen Zamis OR Babes is a monthly exhibition / club night based primarily in South East London, centred on positive femme identity and eradicating misogyny for creative queer women and genderqueer people of colour. Providing a platform and exploring a plethora of mediums from film, music, poetry and dance, to sculpture, photography, illustration, sound and much more. BBZ is an intentional space, prioritising QUEER, TRANS AND NON BINARY FOLK OF COLOUR. Any behaviour deemed as disrespectful, classist, sexist, racist or homophobic is not Is club culture dead?Not at all! Just because physical spaces are being closed down doesn't mean that peoples need for nightlife culture has gone anywhere. It's exciting seeing so many collectives and in particular queer nights popping up all over the place in the most imaginative and creative ways.Why did you establish BBZ? To be frank we had no choice but to create a space dedicated to the voices of the QTIPOC community. London can be a very isolating city and a really hard place to meet people you connect with especially as you get older. In addition to that it was important for us to find new and interesting ways to engage with artwork and merge that with a clubbing experience forging a relationship with queer nightlife culture and the minds that feed into it.Best party you've ever thrown?The queering of the V&A Fashion gallery as part of the Gal-Dem Friday Late was beyond live. We can not tell you how liberating that moment was for so many of us, just being able to get tun up to the sounds of OUR london, in a space with such oppressive history. It was special.Why do we need to continue to make safe spaces a top priority?So that marginalised communities feel protected and ensure that every individual has access to public spaces. Book club recommendation?Homegowing by Yaa GyasiBest party you've ever been to?Swagger Like Us at The Mission in San Francisco Song to be playing as you enter the club?Spanish Joint by D'AngeloWhat three things would be on your rider?Sage, Disposable Cameras and Prosecco (Can't get more cliché but it's true!)What words or phrases do you most overuse?Calm, Vibes and RahWhat's your pet hate?PatriarchyWhat's next?We like to keep our cards close to our chest but you can expect some big tings this summer... AND FINALLY...WHO IS YOUR NEXT BABYFACE GIRL SUGGESTION?Who: Shy One - DJ and Producer Extraordinaire
Why: She's charming, soulful and destined for big things
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