Angelina Woreth 16 Paris
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Posted: 14th June 2017

It’s too easy to write off anyone with “social media” influence as an entitled Milleniall, but no smoke eh? While social media is great for connecting people, it’s also spectacularly bad at giving you any real insight into what a person might actually be like. Sometimes people don’t live up to their Instagram meme games or snapchat selfies in real life. Sometimes people surpass all the likes and blow any preconceptions you might have of them clear out of the water.

The 16 year old, Parisian teenager, Instagram icon and ultimo thrift store maven, Angelina Woreth, is one of the latter. We first met Angelina in person when she was visiting London and she ended up assisting us on a Babyface event.

Having little idea of what Angelina might be like, beyond her cherubic face (that’s already graced the cover of L’Oficiel) and Instagram handle (that’s currently where 30k people check in on her, and her white-hot girl crew, Gucci Gang’s, every move) we couldn’t have been more delighted. Charming, hardworking, impeccably mannered, playful and enthusiastic, Angelina is a the real deal. When we tell you the woman is relaxed, we mean re-lax-ed, like, cooler than cool, horizontal, zero-ego- relaxed. It’s partly Angelina’s knowing wit that means, despite her and her Gucci Gang collective having starred in a global Converse campaign, having hung out with Travis Scott for a Miaou shoot and with Vogue eating already out of their hands, she manages to keep her Asics-clad feet on the floor. In short, Angelina doesn’t give a damn!

Gucci Gang, made up of members Thaïs Klapisch, Crystal Murray, Annabelle Ferrera And of course, our Ange is a lifestyle more than a commercial entity- it’s a loose, formless mode of being. It’s- youth! The clique have held their followings captive with their raw, untouched depictions of what it is to be young, bored and living in Paris as a teenager- now. The gang’s collective aesthetic is much in line with their attitudes: an intoxicating nonchalance and it’s not just us- it would seem the whole worldwide web’s taken a sip from the GG Kool-Aid.

At just 16, Angelina head is more screwed on than most. Currently enrolled at drama school Angelina acted in her first indie, feature length film this summer. With a face to rival Bardot’s and a cool that’d stand up next to Belmondo’s, we can’t see how she’s not destined for the greatest things. Vive L’Angie.

When are you happiest?It sounds a bit cheesy but I really love it when I'm in the sea. What’s your best advice?My best advice would be never listen to what anyone thinks, and love yourself. What's your current obsession? Big gold earrings.Best party you've ever been to? Thais's country side house, its called Recloses. We do big house parties for birthdays and New Year's Eve every year! Song to be playing as you enter the club?Love Come Down - Evelyn King What words or phrases do you most overuse?I think I use "like" and "you know what I mean?" too much. What three things would be on your rider? Candy, drinks, une trottinette ( I don't know what that is in English!)Biggest lie you were told/that you told as a kid?My family use to fart and then tell me it was the table or the chair that farted. It was making me so crazy because obviously it wasn't true but I had no proof and was probably around 7 years old... AND FINALLY...WHO IS YOUR NEXT BABYFACE GIRL SUGGESTION?Who: Suz P!
Why: She's an amazing person, so intelligent and kind. Also she is very professional. She always help everyone, and give such good advice. I love her :)
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