We are Claire Burman and Nellie Eden and this is Babyface. Babyface is a unique creative agency built on the power of network. We work with clients, individuals and our vast community to create authentic work that better speaks to our generation. Together, with our collective in tow, we are an active tributary to meaningful relationships with smart young female audiences.

Inspired by the lack of any authentic platform for women to shout about their careers, we established Babyface as a creative agency in 2014. Drowning in a pool of absurdly talented young females, it made good sense to bring them all together in one place; to collaborate, converse and support one another. We always profile each new individual we discover, and in turn ask her to recommend another- and, the network flourished.

We're creating new ways of working with girls who inspire us. We've produced everything from editorial to branded zines, exercise classes, look books, campaigns, video content, panel discussions and a regular podcast on NTS Radio. Beyond projects and collaborations the two of us are constantly looking to unearth new female talent, which quite frankly, isn’t a tough task.